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How to Avoid Duplicate Content in Your Blog

Sunday, March 18, 2007   165 Comments  

You probably know by now that Google is taking serious measure to rid it's search engine result pages from duplicated content. It is frustrating to see MFA pages when you are doing your search. These MFA pages used scripts to publish other's articles and blogs. These are duplicate content.

Google, in doing so, also penalizes websites that have different URLs pointing to the same page.

Legitimate Blogs Are Penalized Too

For example, you started a new blog with You made 3 posts, one everyday. Your main page lists 3 posts, which is identical to the archive,, showing the same 3 posts.

To the search engine, this is duplicate content. One of the URLs will be "supplementaled" or worse, delisted from the search engine database.

Blogger Archive Option

To prevent this from happening to your blog. Do you activate the Archive option when you first started the blog. Wait till you've written for more than 1 or 2 months.

The following screen shot shows you how to set Archive Frequency to No Archive.

You can also use the optimized Modified MrMoto template which I modified the Archive page. The modified archive page does not show the entire post but just the title of the post. In this way, your archive page looks different and contains different stuff from your main page. You're safe!

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial

Thursday, March 15, 2007    

To use the SEO Blogger template, the Modified Mr Moto template (mr_template.txt), you will have to use the Classic template which is used by the Old Blogger. If you've just created your Blogger account recently, using the Google account, then you're using New Blogger. No worry, you can still use the optimized template by changing the settings of your Blogger template.

New Blogger and Old Blogger account login

Here, we'll show you how to revert to the Classic Template.

First, log in to New Blogger. Do to Dashboard and click Template.

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial - Step 1
You know you are using the New Blogger template when you have the "Page Elements" tab.

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial - Step 2
The next step is to Revert to Classic Template.

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial - Step 3
You will be prompted to confirm the change, click OK.

Your Template area should now look different now. Your Template option tabs now changed to Edit HTML, Pick New, Customize Design and Adsense.

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial - Step 5
Next, you will need to paste the mr_template.txt into the Template Editor window. You will use Notepad to open the mr_template.txt and copy the entire content.

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial - Step 6
Here's some shortcut keystroke useful for selecting all text, copy text and paste text.
  • Ctrl-A: To select all text, hold down the Ctrl key and then press A.
  • Ctrl-C: To copy text, hold down the Ctrl key and then press C.
  • Ctrl-V: To paste text, hold down the Ctrl key and then press V.

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial - Step 7
Once you've copied the entire text from the mr-template.txt, return to Blogger Template Editor window. Click inside the editor window to make sure you position the cursor properly.

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial - Step 8
To replace the existing template codes with the new codes, Ctrl-A to select all the text inside the editor window. Then Ctrl-V to paste the new codes.

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial - Step 9
Check to see that the new codes has been pasted correctly. You should see something similar to the screen shot below.

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial - Step 10Click Save Template Changes to update the template change.

SEO Blogger Template Tutorial - Step 11

That completes out template modification. You now have a search engine friendly and optimized blog template.

SEO Blogger Template - Modified MrMoto

Saturday, March 3, 2007   165 Comments  

I've modified the mr_moto template to make it more search engine friendly. There are 3 versions of these SEO Blogger templates, each with a different color scheme. And I named the basic template as mr_template with 3 versions of css file: mrgreen.css, mrblue.css and mrcrimson.css.

Here's the screenshot.




Here's the codes for the Modified MrMoto: mr_template.zipdownload btn and you can view the codes here.

Visit SEO Blogger Template Tutorial if you need help with installing the modified template.

What is SEO Blogger Templates?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007   141 Comments  

There are millions of blogs created with Blogger and hosted on Blogspot. Majority of these blogs use the standard templates provided by Blogger. And there are also many custom designed blog on Blogspot too.

However, these visually appealing designs and layouts may not be search engine friendly at all. The search engine robots may not be able to figure out what your blog is about and "crawl" beyond your main page.

And there is the duplicate content issue. Say, you configure a monthly archive and for the month of Feb 2007, you've got only one post. The Feb 2007 archive page will look very much like your item post. So you have two different URLs having identical contents and the search engine robots will flag duplicate content spam on your blog.